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Polyurethane Foam: Two Options for Ottawa Buildings

Man spraying Polyurethane FoamA High Performance Product applied exclusively by Licensed Professionals.Insulates, strengthens and seals in one application. The future of Insulation just turned Greener

  • Medium Density Foam: Polarfoam PF-7300 Soya

This “Green” product is an energy efficient insulating material with the highest R-Value Rating (6 per inch) and is truly the future of insulation. This Zero Ozone depletion substance is made up of Recycled plastics and renewable vegetable oils. Save 40-50% on Energy cost in Comparison to the conventional Batt Insulation.
Polarfoam Soya meets all the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). This “All-In-One Wall System” gives in a one step application a high long-term thermal resistance, an air-barrier material as well as a vapour barrier. Approved by Canadian Construction Material Centre CCMC#13244-L
By creating a sealed air barrier and eliminating air exfiltration, Polarfoam PF-7300-0 Soya fully adheres to provide a seamless, monolithic air barrier that conforms to irregular shapes and allows easy detailing around penetrations. Its closed cell rigid polyurethane foam formulation creates an effective, rigid, seamless and durable air barrier. There is no air space between the insulation material and the substrate, no joints, no glue, no mechanical fasteners and no convection air movement. With this foam you get 100% of the insulating value during the lifetime of the building.
In a nutshell this product insulates, strengthens and seals in one application. As a water repellant, it also resists mould and mildew and does not contribute in any way to their growth. Polarfoam is the perfect insulation especially if you suffer from Allergies because it creates a healthier, Cleaner In-home environment by sealing out dust and pollen. This expanding foam fills and seals all cracks. Commonly used for Basements, Crawlspaces, Cathedral ceiling, Porch overhangs and anywhere else that requires insulation. The best R-Value for your buck!

For more information please visit www.polyurethanefoamsystems.com

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  • Low density foam. R-Value of R 3.9 per inch

Low Density foam is an open cell product that requires a vapour barrier to be installed over the top in contrast to a medium density foam such as Polarfoam. This Foam inflates to as much as 130 times its original volume in a matter of seconds. During the expansion process it will completely seal any gaps, cracks or voids preventing any air leakage.

Low Density foam is also a good option for sound attenuation as it eliminates vibration of any plumbing or duct work or sounds of people walking or talking

 A wise choice for almost any project and  is a much more cost effective solution for those with tight budgets.

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