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Man doing Drill and FillMany older houses are improperly insulated, if there is any insulation at all. This can have a large impact on your heating and cooling bills. Loose-fill insulation or Pour Foam can be blown or installed into your walls by this method to increase the efficiency of your house, significantly decreasing your heating and cooling expenses.
The most difficult part of this project is figuring out where to drill access holes into your walls (and there will be several). First we determine what will be the easiest surface to repair once the insulation is installed. If your siding can be easily removed and replaced, you might consider removing a row of siding and installing from the outside of the house. Otherwise holes will be drilled inside your house near the ceiling of each level and installed from the interior.
You will need to hire another trade to repair the walls and paint. Plaster walls can especially be unpredictable and therefore always recommend a specializing trade. Let us know if you need a recommendation as we often work with professional trades to get you the best aesthetic outcome for your project.

We cannot guarantee a 100% coverage with this process. With the Drill and Fill method we are insulating areas that are hidden. Any voids discovered after removal of drywall or Siding will be subject to a return fee. We can guarantee approximately 90-98% depending on the situation. For 100% coverage it is always best to expose areas needing insulation and to use a different method.

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